Emmanuel Baptist Church began in 2008 with 12 members meeting in someone’s home.
For the next year, this nucleus rented a warehouse and began to grow. Pastor Clyde Billingsley came out of retirement from the Florida Baptist Convention to become Emmanuel’s pastor and to help a group of hurting people and guide them as a church.

In 2010, they moved into a temporary facility, while still searching for a permanent home. They were led to purchase the current site and immediately began the huge task of renovating the building and landscaping the property. Easter Sunday, 2012, was a day of great celebration as the first worship service was held in the new worship center. With the congregation firmly established in a new sanctuary, Pastor Billingsley retired again and the church was ready to begin the search for its new pastor.

In January 2013, Emmanuel called Pastor Jeff Carney to be their Pastor and lead this group in its effort to reach the people in the Leesburg community.